Andy Schroeder

Chief Deputy
Andy Schroeder

Chief Deputy Andy Schroeder joined the Stephenson County Sheriff’s Office on December 1st, 2022, after having been a sworn police officer with the Freeport Police Department for 24+ years. When Chief Deputy Schroeder left the FPD, he was the Detective Lieutenant and third highest ranking member of the department.

During his career at the FPD, Chief Deputy Schroeder served in a wide-array of positions including; Field Training Officer, Field Training Program Coordinator, Traffic Safety Unit, Street Crimes Unit, State Line Area Narcotics Team Task Force Officer, Firearms & Tactics Training Instructor, and General Case Detective. Additionally, Chief Deputy Schroeder was a member of the FPD Emergency Response Team for twelve years and achieved the positions of Team Leader and Team Commander.

Chief Deputy Schroeder holds many State of Illinois law enforcement certifications to include; Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, Juvenile Officer, Lead Homicide Investigator, Sexual Assault Investigator, and SWAT Officer. Chief Deputy Schroeder is a graduate of the Illinois State Police Basic Law Enforcement Academy (Class #400-64), a graduate of the prestigious Northwestern University Center for Public Safety School of Police Staff & Command (Class #410), a graduate of the Illinois Department of Corrections Academy, and has completed over two-hundred eighty hours of training in the field of traffic crash investigations.

In addition to his law enforcement career, Chief Deputy Schroeder served as a member of the Stephenson County Board from 2018-2021, and served in the Illinois Army National Guard from 1992-1998. During his military service, Chief Deputy Schroeder achieved the rank of Sergeant (E-5), serving for three years as a Cavalry Scout (MOS: 19D) and three years as an Army Military Policeman (MOS: 95B)